Blue Zones & Yoga Nutrition


"Blue zones" describe a handful of longevity hot spots around the world, where people commonly live active and healthy lives past the age of 100. With a lifespan 10 years longer than the average American, the typical Blue Zone dweller survives into his/her twilight years relatively unscathed by cancer, heart disease and dementia. Just as remarkably, these sprightly centenarians don't just stagger over the 100-year mark, they charge heartily through the other side, plowing through the winter of life with verve, a bag of homespun rock salt, and a determination to manifest the spring. The TED Talk on Blue Zones showcases their legendary vigor in clips of gritty seniors riding motorbikes and horses, arm-wrestling, volunteering in their communities, building fences and performing open-heart surgery! So how is it that these old folk trick the 35 trillion cells in their bodies into degenerating more slowly than the rest of humanity? Is there an underlying code across these communities that may be prescribed to extend our own lives? On the surface, the Blue Zones could not be more dissimilar.

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Blue Zones & Yoga Nutrition