Is Yoga Anti-Christian?


Yoga is a daily routine for millions of people. “A way of coming to a place of inner peace ,and yoga uses the physical body as a way of meeting self,” says instructor Melody White. White says more people are catching on to the health benefits of yoga, such as reducing stress and anxiety. But could yoga be Anti-Christian? The activity’s roots in Eastern religions are stirring debate. The president of the Southern Baptist Seminary is calling for Christians to avoid yoga. Local pastor Charlie Scott agrees. “You go to the roots of it and it's just not Christian, it's not Bible, it's Anti-Bible,” says Scott. He argues Christians should meditate on the word of God, not though reaching the inner-self. “I believe we should avoid it definitely. Exercise, the Bible says is good for the body. We do that, but what you do with yoga, the meditation, the chanting, and those things, you don't need to do that to be for God,” he says. White argues, while yoga can be a spiritual practice, it doesn’t necessarily promote one religion.

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Is Yoga Anti-Christian?