Chinese doctors urged to stub out killer habit of smoking


China's Health Minister Chen Zhu on Sunday urged health and medical workers to quit smoking and seta good example for people to follow, Tuesday's China Daily reported.

"Medical workers and those who take the decisions regarding people's health should take the lead to quit smoking and completely ban indoor smoking to set a good example for their patients and others who look up to them," the minister said as he launched a campaign to discourage smoking among medical staff. About 56.8 percent of male doctors in the country smoke. It is the highest rate in the world, according to the China Preventive Medicine Association (CPMA). Despite finding success in holding a "smoke-free" Olympics last year, the country continues to face difficulties getting its citizens to give up the killer habit due to lack of relevant legislations, policy implementation and awareness campaigns, Chen said.

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Chinese doctors urged to stub out killer habit of smoking