Discover Two Missing Elements For An Effective Colon Cleanse


There are over 120 types of parasites that can inhabit the human body; most people harbour at least a dozen at any one time which can inhibit a complete colon cleanse. The waste created by parasites can also be the cause of various problems such as Crohns Disease, IBS, Colitis and other illnesses. According to Dr Hulder Clark, in her book “The Cure For All Cancers” published in 1993, parasites can also contribute to the formation of cancer. Parasites live in a digestive system that is like a rubbish tip; this contains all the food they need to thrive. Unless the parasites and their eggs are removed using specific herbs rather than chemicals (which can cause side effects), the complete cleansing effect of a colon cleanse is rarely achieved.

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Discover Two Missing Elements For An Effective Colon Cleanse