FIFA Very Concerned About African Stimulant Plants


We’re about four months out from the start of the World Cup, so let's hope this isn't the start of a run on stories about how terrible South Africa will be as a host nation, and instead is nothing more than an isolated story about how some plants that grow in Africa can get you doped up higher than the moon. This should be a fun World Cup.
Per the Associated Press, FIFA has become very concerned about some of the plants that are grown in certain African nations – the story points out Ghana as one in particular – and how their medicinal qualities may closely resemble otherwise-banned performance enhancing drugs. FIFA is so concerned, the report indicates, that they want WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, to get involved."I have a big concern - and I can confess that. We were learning a lot about the traditional African medicines and we are not sure what all of these products contain," [FIFA medical committee chairman Michael] D'Hooghe said. "I think some products are not detectable. This makes it difficult. They can deliver stimulation and diuretic activity.""We received a lot of examples, going from things that we know but also going into absolutely unknown things for me.

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FIFA Very Concerned About African Stimulant Plants