Four “Unbreakable Weight Loss Rules” from Jillian Michaels


For those who follow the reality TV series, “Biggest Loser” or for those who have seen her new summer show, “Losing It with Jillian,” it’s hard to miss Jillian Michaels. Though tiny in size, she’s a dynamo when it comes to fitness training and diet. As a personal trainer and someone who overcame her own weight issues, Michaels is well on her way to creating a media empire a la Martha Stewart. From vitamin supplements to exercise videos to a Wii game, and beyond, she is making her 15 minutes of fame pay off. In a recent Redbook magazine article, Michaels not only talks about her journey to stardom, but outlines what she believes are the four essential rules to success: 1. Count Calories, She claims this is the place where most people falter on their journey to healthy living. They just don’t realize how many calories they are consuming a day. She suggests making it easy on yourself, and using whatever method works for you…an iPhone app, the Internet, or a pocket guide.

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Four “Unbreakable Weight Loss Rules” from Jillian Michaels