Hot Yoga Mama or Mouth Breather?


So, do you guys ever read "O", Oprah's magazine? My mom gave me a subscription for Christmas, even though I don't watch her show. Oprah's show, not my mom's. Usually I just flip through it and think to myself, "Why are they always talking about finding the "right kind of jean for your body type"? Because unless you are buying me jeans, I am bored. Anyway. The last few issues featured a two-part article about this woman who did the 60-day Bikram Yoga challenge. And immediately I said, "That's crazy!" But then I thought, well, I'm crazy too - maybe I should try it? Since I was going to write about it for Edhat, I decided to do the 10-day Bikram Yoga challenge. (Also because the local Bikram studio had a great 10-consecutive class deal). I was thinking, just thinking about it for a while, not telling anybody. But then I mentioned it to my dad, and he freaked out. "You're going to do what? It's 105 degrees in there? You'll get sick!" I told him that I wasn't going to recreate the Bataan Death March, that it was just yoga - yoga in a very warm room.

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Hot Yoga Mama or Mouth Breather?