Jillian Michaels shows she once weighed 175 pounds


Of course Jillian Michaels, 36, didn't always have the incredible bod she has now. "I spent all of eighth grade in my classroom because God forbid I ever left," she says in the July Redbook. "I was terrorized." She weighed 175 pounds. What happened to change the 5-foot-2-1/2-inch trainer's life? Karate. "It all stopped the day I broke two boards with a kick." As for why The Biggest Loser star, who now heads up her own NBC show called Losing It With Jillian, thinks she needs to scream to get people to lose weight? "When people are being self-destructive, it's usually unconscious," she says. "And so I create confrontations, interventions, where they can become aware of unhealthy choices they're making and the reasons they're making them…I'd just like to be known as a friend to people. Somebody who wants to see people live well."

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Jillian Michaels shows she once weighed 175 pounds