Slimming down on Cape Cod


There are a ton (pardon the pun) of weight loss products and programs. Here are some of the multitudes listed in alphabetical order. Alli, Acai Berry, Avesil, Anoretix, Apidexin, Bitter Orange, Bio lean, Bitch Plus (is there a companion pill for males?), Clinicallix, Cylapril, Celli-fit, Colon Cleanser (Yikes!), Dr. Oz, Dr. Atkins, Decaslim, Eco Slim, Fenphedra, Green T, Gastric By-pass (remember Al Roker?), Hoodia, Happy Pills (MUST be good), Ignitor, Ipofuze, Joyful Slim (is this better than Happy?), K-Fed (Britney Spears' ex who has packed on the pounds and is now the subject of tabloid speculation regarding a reality TV show about weight loss), Liporexall, Lipovox, LA Weight Loss, Liposuction (just what is a lipo? Does it rhyme with hippo or hypo?), Metabo, Mega-T, Medifast, Nutra-trim, Orovo, Optifast, Phenphedrine, Que she, Relagen, South Beach, Scarsdale (there is a need for a Chicago diet, a Seattle diet and a Texas diet to be fair to every area of the country), Tetyrazene KGM, Testoripped (not so subtlety named guy only pill)

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Swai Fish
Omega XL
Black Beans
Dijon Mustard
Pinto Beans
Bento Box

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Slimming down on Cape Cod