Taylor Lautner: There's More to Me Than Muscles (video)


“Twilight” heartthrob Taylor Lautner is starting to feel that his rippling muscles are overshadowing who he is as an actor. “It has become embarrassing,” Taylor told reporters June 3 at a press conference in South Korea. Lautner, 18, was the undisputed breakout star of “New Moon” after gaining 30 pounds of muscle to play the hulking werewolf, Jacob Black. He added: “It doesn’t annoy me, but people do tend to ask about it [my workout routine and my weight gain] a lot.” Lautner, who worked out six days a week and ate every two hours to gain and maintain his rippling 8-pack abs, added: “To me it’s just part of the character. It’s not like I can take it off!” Despite all the flattering attention he’s receiving for his buff body, Lautner is more than happy to change his look for a movie role. “The only reason I did it [gained weight] is because the character required it and I love the character,” said Taylor. “So, a year from now, if I fall in love with a character that requires me to lose weight, I’m ready to do it.”

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Taylor Lautner: There's More to Me Than Muscles (video)