The Full Benefits of Acai Berry Are Not Equally Available In All Acai Products


The benefits of taking a high quality organic freeze dried acai berry supplement have been well-publicized. This Brazilian fruit is now a worldwide sensation largely because it is thought to contain unusually high amounts of healthy antioxidants. But the level of antioxidants and nutritional benefits vary greatly from product to product. This is because different forms of the fruit are processed in different ways, and some of those ways will preserve the nutrients while others will largely destroy them. The website of the company Organic-Acai-Berry.com explains exactly what consumers should look for when evaluating these products. The company recommends products made from organic freeze dried acai berry powder. They discuss the reasons for this recommendation on their website. But the main reason is because the freeze drying process is an excellent way to preserve the berry's nutrients. The company also explains which processing methods will destroy the nutritional value of the fruit. Since the fruit only grows in the rainforest of Brazil and since it losses it's nutritional value soon after being harvested the fresh fruit is not available outside Brazil.

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The Full Benefits of Acai Berry Are Not Equally Available In All Acai Products