Woman tries to eat healthy on $1 dollare a day


Currie says the first week of her one-month experiment was the hardest, and she's been tracking her progress on her blog. In reviewing some of her recent meals, it looks like she's been filling up on things like homemade chicken noodle soup, inexpensive grains like millet, steel cut oats, and eggs.

Her point isn't to encourage others to limit their food budgets to just $1 a day, but to prove that eating nutritiously on a strict budget is possible. She said, "It's about looking at what you've got and thinking about what you want. If I can do this for $1, think about what I can do for $5 or $10." By planning your meals before grocery shopping, you'll have better success buying everything you need to make full meals while staying on a track with your spending. Have you tried figuring out how much your food costs per day?

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Woman tries to eat healthy on $1 dollare a day