"Biggest Loser" Contestant Kai Hibbard Slams Reality Show, Gained Weight Back


"Biggest Loser" constant Kai Hibbard says the hugely popular reality show is not only untruthful, but harmful to the health of some of the contestants. In a shocking CBS "Early Show" interview, the military wife who appeared to drop 118 pounds in just 12 weeks said it didn't happen that way. "I have people that come up to me and talk to me and ask me why they can't lose 12 pound in a week when I did. When I didn't. It didn't happen. It's TV," she said.

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Former 'Biggest Loser' contestant claims show is 'dangerous'; NBC issues response


About twice a year, we tune into the latest season of The Biggest Loser and watch in admiration and awe as a dozen or so contestants quickly shed pound after pound from their bodies, until they’re left looking like healthy, happy individuals. But, if former contestant Kai Hibbard is to be believed, oftentimes Biggest Loser graduates are anything but. The season 3 contestant — who lost 118 pounds on the show — appeared on CBS’ The Early Show this morning to discuss her claim that the NBC show is hurting its contestants, and promoting an unhealthy body image.

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New York Invaded By `Downward Dogs'


The Great Lawn in New York’s Central Park is about to be infested with thousands of downward dogs.

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Waters Lifetime Health Benefits that You Dont Know


Water is one of the most essential element to sustain a healthy body. However, our water supply has been greatly polluted and the source of pure water is difficult to find. Know the lifetime health benefits of water before it is too late; it may even save your life.

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Taylor Lautner: There's More to Me Than Muscles (video)


“Twilight” heartthrob Taylor Lautner is starting to feel that his rippling muscles are overshadowing who he is as an actor. “It has become embarrassing,” Taylor told reporters June 3 at a press conference in South Korea. Lautner, 18, was the undisputed breakout star of “New Moon” after gaining 30 pounds of muscle to play the hulking werewolf, Jacob Black.

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Twilight star Taylor Lautner is embarrassed by his muscles. Lautner says, "It has become embarrassing.....To me it's just part of the character. It's not like I can take it off!" Come on Taylor Lautner, please. Your not that big of a guy. In fact your not that big at all. Your muscles are nothing to be embarrassed about. You're well defined but you're not a muscle bound man by any means whatsoever. Of course people are going to ask about your muscles Taylor, it's Hollywood and there is really nothing substantial to talk about there.

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The Taylor Lautner Workout: Build Muscle Fast


Taylor Lautner isn't a naturally strong guy, but his career depends on becoming brawny. Between the first and second Twilight films, his character grew into a powerful werewolf. That meant he needed to gain 30 pounds of muscle in a year. Which he did. Think about that: Taylor Lautner used to be a 5'10", 140-pound, bony teenager, and now he's a rippled fitness animal. If he can overcome physical shortcomings, anyone can. "Inexperience works to your advantage," says Jordan Yuam, Lautner's trainer and the owner of Jordan's Virtual Fit Club.

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Taylor Lautner's New Moon Workout and Diet Plan


This is going to outline the techniques that Taylor Lautner used to transform his physique and add 30 pounds of muscle. In Twilight, Jacob was what I like to call "skinny fat"...not overweight, but very little muscle and a decent amount of flab. For New Moon Jacob decided that his character was going to need to add muscle. He gets in great shape and adds a decent amount of muscle without going over the top. The current look in Hollywood is a natural amount of muscle without too much mass...but low body fat to display a lot of muscle tone.

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