Master Exercise Kit for Wii and Wii Fit


CTA Digital has released the Master Exercise Kit for Wii™ and Wii Fit™, a set of five components designed to add a new dimension to Wii Fit™ gaming. The Master Exercise Kit contains a resistance band, calorie counter adapter, yoga mat, water bottle, and step cups to enhance your Wii Fit workouts.a leading provider of accessories for video game consoles, including Wii Accessories, has announced the release of the Master Exercise Kit for the Wii™ and Wii Fit™.

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Fitness, Not Foreplay: Tantric Yoga


Despite their initial reservations, men in Chicago are turning the other cheek and joining all-male nude yoga classes, an exercise the Associated Press calls “a form of sensualized yoga practiced nude.” Per (pronounced “Pear”) Erez, who teaches the classes in his private Rogers Park studio, limits the number of men who attend the sessions in order to “establish clarity of intention” and to provide a more “individualized approach to teaching.” Erez, 43, a well-established yoga instructor who has taught traditional “clothed” yoga for over 20 years (Oprah Winfrey is a former c

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The Healthier Your Body Is, the Better Chance It Has to Cleanse


One of the ways you may be able to battle constipation is considering adding supplements to your diet that will give your body a boost in the fight against constipation. Flax seed is one such supplement that can in fact help the body cleanse colon waste out on a regular basis. This is because of the fiber that is inherent in flaxseed that acts as a natural colon cleanse product. In addition to fiber, flaxseed has a number of other items that may not be in a colon cleanse solution, but are better for your overall health.

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Hundreds Of Walkers Step Up To Battle Diabetes


Hundreds of people turned out on the first day of spring with a little spring in their step to help fight diabetes. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk marked its second year in Volusia County Saturday, and it has grown both in participants and the amount of money raised. Renee Bergin, who began the Daytona Beach walk, said she saw a need for it locally after her own daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. “All for those kids, we have to do it for them, because they can’t do it, themselves,” Bergin said. “Everybody wants to help.

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History of Yoga


Yoga derives from prehistoric roots, and develops out of Ancient Indian asceticism (tapas). Yoga as a Hindu philosophy ("darshana") is first expounded in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This earliest school of Yoga retrospectively came to be known by the retronym Raja Yoga to distinguish it from later schools. Indus Valley civilization (ca. 3300–1700 BC) Several steatite seals discovered at Indus Valley Civilization (c.

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Veganism isn't working out so well


*Disclaimer - this is only my opinion and is based solely on what works for me. I have great respect for you, veganism, but we need to talk. I think we should both just call this what it was: a fling. A stupid fling that didn't mean anything :). Here’s the thing: I hate this. After being rear-ended (ha ha ha) last week, I took a week off from inducing this self-imposed “six weeks of veganism” experiment.

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‘Moderate alcohol intake prevents weight gains’


Women are often advised to stop drinking to avoid extra calories but a new research suggests that women who regularly consume moderate amounts of alcohol are 30 per cent less likely to gain weight than those who do not drink. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston said the women who consumed two to three servings of beer or wine each day were less likely to gain extra pounds as they get older. The 13-year research found that women who did not drink at all gained the most weight.

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Crystal Bowersox in Hospital, diabetes may be to blame


American Idol contestant Crystal Bowersox is in the hospital for an unknown reason. Bowersox was not be able to perform on Tuesday night. Instead of the American Idol 10 male semifinalists performed. Bowersox is expected to make it back to perform for viewers tonight. Fox network will not disclose the exact cause of Crystal Bowersox's hospital admittance. The network has only said Bowersox has "medical issues which would prevent" her from performing on Tuesday night. Unconfirmed reports allege that Crystal Bowersox'ss diabetes caused her to be hospitalized.

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