Women Who Consume Alcohol Gain Less Weight: Study


A study recently released by the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that initially normal-weight women who consumed a light to moderate amount of alcohol gained less weight than their abstaining counterparts. Researchers charted the drinking habits of 19,220 American women "aged 38.9 years or older who were free of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes mellitus and had a baseline body mass index within the normal range of 18.5 to less than 25" over the course of 13 years.

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Crystal Bowersox Video of her on American Idol


Crystal Bowersox has outperformed everyone in my opinion and I think for once Simon Cowell and I are in agreement. Simon Cowell says that Crystal Bowersox is the one to beat. Crystal Bowersox wowed American Idol fans by performing "Give Me One Reason.' Crystal has diabetes and had to be hospitalized but when she performed no one could have been more surprised and happy than Simon Cowell who sang her praises. I think she will win all the way in American Idol. I'm really excited for this sweet girl, Crystal Bowersox.

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Diabetes decision fuels option action


It's likely to be another active day in the options of Amylin Pharmaceuticals and Alkermes as traders prepare for a big decision from the Food and Drug Administration tomorrow. Volumes have been surging in both companies, which stand to benefit from the approval of a long-acting diabetes treatment that needs to be taken only once a week, versus twice a day. Some 65,320 contracts traded in AMLN yesterday, more than triple the average level, while activity was twice normal in ALKS. The stocks have been rallying into the news and have recently hit new 52-week highs.

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In wake of diabetes diagnosis, Georgetown's Austin Freeman overwhelmed by attention, support


These days, the letters and e-mails arrive in the Georgetown athletic department by the bundle, all wanting to share a story with Austin Freeman. “You’re an inspiration to people with diabetes, I’m looking up to you now. ...” The strangers all want the Hoyas junior guard to know that playing with diabetes isn’t uncommon. That it can be done. That it’s not as big of a hurdle as it might appear. That there’s now a whole big network of support open to him to pick and peruse. Freeman, though, is just trying to figure out one thing: Diabetes itself.

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Freeman Doesn't Understand His Diabetes


When Georgetown's Austin Freeman started experiencing symptoms of diabetes, he thought it was a stomach flu. Once word got out that he has diabetes, the media spread the word like wildfire. Freeman isn't even sure what type of diabetes he has, all he is sure of, is hoping to be a mentor for other athletes battling the disease. Hoya's coack, John Thompson III, told the Star-Ledger that he has a constant eye on Freeman in the game. “I’m watching him, trying to read his body language. Fortunately we have a great medical staff, so that’s all they’re doing.

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Yoga Pose of the Week: Down Dog with Head on Block


Having trouble falling asleep? This pose might be able to help ease your insomnia. The Dog Down with Head on Block works to calm your nervous system while relieving stress in the mind to help you get the rest you need.

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When Yoga and Mindfulness Meet Torah


A rabbi, a yogi and a Buddhist walk into the Manhattan JCC…What sounds like a stock opener of a joke actually happened at an event March 1 connected to Dani Shapiro’s newly released memoir, “Devotion” (Harper). The author invited her spiritual teachers to join her in a conversation moderated by writer and former television producer Abigail Pogrebin, who not only feigned surprise that attendees didn’t arrive in yoga pants, but also declared herself the most high-strung person in the room.

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Football, men’s soccer turn to yoga


At first glance, the Dartmouth football team and men’s soccer team might not have much in common. When it comes to training, however, both are fluent in terms such as “lord of the fishes” and “pigeon pose,” which have been used during team yoga sessions. Instructed by Julia Cedergren — the wife of men’s soccer assistant coach Johan Cedergren — the teams have incorporated yoga to help the athletes improve flexibility and stretch out tight muscles.

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