1200 Calorie Diet and Meal Plan for Weight Loss


A daily diet consisting of 1200 calories or less should be only attempted after the approval of your professional health care giver because nutritional needs will be almost impossible to meet. A diet consisting of 1200 calories or less is generally recommended when drastic action must be taken to improve existing health issues where weight may pose a threat to life itself. 1200 calorie diets, or diets that are even more restricted in calories may also be recommended so that necessary surgeries and preventative care can be administered.

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diabetic diet


Diabetes is a condition where the pancreas either produces no insulin (Type 1) or resists the insulin that is produced (type 2). Insulin is a hormone, which aids the cells to receive the glucose, which is present in the blood. Cells convert the glucose into energy. In the absence of insulin, the glucose remains in the blood stream and builds up. This is dangerous. Since the glucose in the blood comes from the food we eat, it is essential that diabetics ensure that the amounts of glucose in the blood do not peak. They have to be very careful about their diet.

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1200 calorie diabetic diet