Acupuncture for Weight Loss


Acupuncture for weight loss is becoming more and more popular as many people in Western countries grapple with struggles with obesity. Does acupuncture really help with weight loss? How effective is it? Read on for a breakdown of the claims and the reality of how weight loss might be impacted by acupuncture. Acupuncture procedures are based on the Asian concept of the essential flow of chi-your life energy force-through certain meridians in your body. When these meridians become blocked, your chi does not flow freely, which results in physical or emotional symptoms of poor health.

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How to Use Acai Berry for Weight Loss


I learned of a new superfood called acai berry that is used for weight loss. Since I'm always wary of big weight loss claims made by certain companies, I decided to do some research before I actually jumped on board. The verdict? I've discovered that acai berry is filled with vitamins and minerals that can aid in weight loss, building muscle and increasing overall energy-and is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, fiber and other plant compounds that can increase your health.

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Glycemic index diet: Losing weight with blood sugar control


Glycemic index diet is a general term for a weight-loss diet that's based on choosing foods and beverages that are thought to prevent rapid increases in your blood sugar level. Glycemic index diets are based on the idea that controlling blood sugar levels leads to weight loss. Many popular commercial diets and related books are based at least in part on the glycemic index, including Nutrisystem, the Zone diet and Sugar Busters. A glycemic index diet uses the glycemic index to guide your eating plan. The glycemic index was originally developed to help improve blood sugar control in diabetes.

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New website encourages active living and healthy eating for children


It's the latest weapon in the fight against childhood obesity, and it's offered through the Aspirus Health Foundation. The foundation designed the program, called Kids Keys to Life, with a grant of nearly $60,000 from the Kohl's Cares campaign. Kids Keys to Life uses an interactive website where children can log on and create an avatar character that is kept healthy based on the choices a child makes in her own life. Kids go online and log their exercise activities and eating habits, and then immediately learn about the impact those choices make on their character.

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Daily Calorie Calculator


A beautiful and simple interface to calculate the amount of calories you are supposed to consume in a given day. It also provides suggestions of how many calories that you must consume to lose weight while still remaining healthy. The Daily Calorie Intake Calculator is based on the Harris Benedict Formula which bases intake on your age, height, weight, gender, and exercise level. As it makes suggestions on how to lose weight by cutting calories, this tool is great for people looking to start dieting or personal training.

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Study Finds Free Weight Loss Programs Successful


New studies that look at how we diet with exercise and without, as well as the effectiveness of the Jenny Craig weight loss program. According to msnbc.com, two new studies are being published which look at diet and exercise programs that aim to modify behavior in order to train participants to exercise and make healthy diet choices. Weight has become a real problem in America with more than a quarter of all Americans ranking as obese. Drug manufacturers have been attempting to make a magic pill to help, but they come with health risks, some of which are dangerous.

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