Does butter raise insulin and make you fat? The low-carb experts respond to this claim


One of the attractions of a healthy low-carb diet for many people is the ability to consume butter again. For years we’ve been told by groups like the American Heart Association that saturated fats like butter will raise your cholesterol (which is true–HDL “good” cholesterol goes WAY UP when you consume butter!) and that we should be choosing “better” alternatives like margarine and olive oil instead.

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Good nutrition a valuable tool in fighting cancer


In the book Foods that Fight Cancer, the authors (Richard Beliveau, PhD and Denis Gingras, PhD)) state that, in North America today, there are 10 million people living with cancer a staggering number by anyone's measure. When you consider the causes of cancer, as Beliveau and Gingras point out, only a minority of them (about 15 per cent) are due to hereditary factors. In addition to our genetic makeup, other risk factors that are responsible for 40 per cent of cancers include: pollution, drugs, UV ray exposure, obesity and lack of exercise, alcohol workplace-related exposure, and infection.

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High-Glycemic Foods Can Increase Heart Disease in Women


As if we didn’t already know that cake, cookies, and white bread are not the healthiest options for us to eat, a new study suggests that women’s hearts would be better off on a lower-carbohydrate, low-glycemic index diet. While the occasional slice of pie or dinner roll isn’t going to induce heart disease, limiting those refined carbs and sweet treats could help stave it off and help us live a longer, healthier life. An Italian research team, led by Sabina Sieri, Ph.D., surveyed 47,749 Italian adults for their dietary habits and followed them for an average of 7.9 years.

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7 Best iPhone Apps to Help You Eat Healthy and Diet


It is coming round to that time of year again when our new year resolutions have gone out of the window and we are now worrying that summer is not far away. If the thought of flashing any part of your skin for your upcoming holiday is worrying you slightly then help is at hand. Here are 7 best iPhone apps to help you eat healthier and if you need a little bit of push there are some great apps to help you diet. 1. Healthy Super Foods, The Healthy Super Foods application is all about finding the right foods to eat to build up your immune system to protect you from a variety of ailments.

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