Study Finds Free Weight Loss Programs Successful


New studies that look at how we diet with exercise and without, as well as the effectiveness of the Jenny Craig weight loss program. According to msnbc.com, two new studies are being published which look at diet and exercise programs that aim to modify behavior in order to train participants to exercise and make healthy diet choices. Weight has become a real problem in America with more than a quarter of all Americans ranking as obese. Drug manufacturers have been attempting to make a magic pill to help, but they come with health risks, some of which are dangerous.

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New Weight Loss Pill? Fake Food Tricks Body Into Feeling Full


The Obesity Society had their annual meeting in San Diego over the weekend, and Shari Roan at the Los Angeles Times filed a report on some of the latest discoveries in the field. One of the bigger pieces of news came from researchers in Calgary, who had been working on fake, or "pseudofood," which will make people feel fuller than they ordinarily would.

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