Zumba Workout Class Funding Relay For Life Team


A local Zumba group participating in this year’s Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life is holding a unique fundraiser tomorrow at the North Kildonan Community Centre. The 90-minute Mother’s Day Zumba workout will provide exercise and dance, with Latin and international music. The workout session begins at 1 p.m. and will be hosted by two professional Zumba instructors, Wendy Elias and Suelang Watson.

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From aerobics to Zumba


Craigholme School gym is a mass of bobbing ponytails, pink faces and sweaty energy; there must be 100 of us here, of all shapes, heights and ages. The pulsating Latin music has everyone in its grip. Now we’re gyrating in a circle, twirling our outstretched arms above our heads; now we’re leaning forward and back, forward and back, like the boys from Madness. “Oooh, I love this bit,” says someone on my left, as we start doing Egyptian arm movements. It looks very elegant when instructor Amy Sinclair does it, but with the rest of us, not quite so much.

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Zumba for fun, Zumba for purpose


Zumba lovers from across Bay County came together Saturday morning to help support the local Autism Center, and the Center for Autism and Related Disorder (CARD) program. This Zumba-thon, hosted by the Wellness and Fitness Center, brought more than 150 people and five instructors together to Zumba for about two hours. A portion of the entry fees and the silent auction are being donated to the Autism center of Lynn Haven and the CARD program. The CARD program provides support for families dealing with a child who has autism.

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Zumba hits Ipswich


THE latest exercise craze getting gym-goers across the world in the fitness groove has hit Ipswich. Zumba combines Latin and international music with fast and slow dance rhythms and resistance training, which is designed to tone and sculpt the quad, core and arm muscles while burning body fat. Instructor Emma Sansby takes three classes a week at Waterworx Aquatic Lifestyle Centre in Springfield, and the facility is about to add another two classes due to growing demand for the fast-paced work-out.

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Shake Your Tailfeathers At Zumba Class


A Latin-inspired cardio fitness workout called Zumba (pronounced zoom-ba) is one of the most recent hits, sparking national attention, especially in the Southeast and Midwest. Movements that resemble belly dancing, the tango, and the meringue are tossed into the mix. It’s a fun and exhilarating way to reshape the entire body. “Ladies, don’t be shy, come join us! Swing those hips and shake, shake, shake!” said Zumba instructor Susana Gonzalez.

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